Marzio Biancolino

Marzio Biancolino is an author and journalist who has enjoyed success writing for a number of major Italian newspapers, among which “La Repubblica” – (“Satyricon”) and “La Gazzetta dello Sport”. He also had his own daily column in the latter during the 1990 Italian World Cup.

By the same author writing as Marco Stretto: “Siamo tutti tifosi della Juventus” (“We are all Juventus fans”); “Siamo tutti tifosi dell’Inter” (“We are all Inter fans”); “Siamo tutti tifosi del Milan” (“We are all Milan fans”); “Siamo tutti tifosi del Napoli” (“We are all Napoli fans”); “Siamo tutti tifosi della Roma” (“We are all Roma fans”).

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Marzio Biancolino

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