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The Baron of Wimbledon

di Orlando Pearson

Gottfried von Cramm, a German tennis star of the 1930’s, petitions Holmes for help.

Novelette | pagg. 22 | 26/04/2022 | Giallo

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The Baron of Wimbledon (copertina)

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The sportsman is being blackmailed on a matter of the utmost delicacy, and when the blackmailer reveals all to the National Socialist authorities, it is Holmes who comes to the rescue by asking Reichsmarschall, Herman Göring to intervene.

But is the better than expected outcome to the case a result of Holmes’s intervention or is Cramm’s glamourous mother keeping her own role to herself.   And why does Frau von Cramm seem so familiar to Holmes?

It is only once Britain is on the brink of another war against Germany that the full truth dawns on Holmes.

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Orlando Pearson, creator of the well-known Redacted Sherlock Holmes series, commutes into London during the day and communes with the spirits of Baker Street by night.

An international businessman, his interests include classical music, history, literature, current affairs, sport and economics. All these themes find their way into his stories which are being translated into German and Italian.

Mr Pearson is married with two children and lives near Wisteria Lodge.

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