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The Hounding of Peers Baskerville

di Orlando Pearson

Holmes is consulted by Sir Henry Baskerville’s son.

Novella | pagg. 69 | 07/11/2023 | Giallo

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The Hounding of Peers Baskerville (copertina)

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It is 1909 and twenty years have passed since the great Devon adventure. Holmes is consulted by Sir Henry Baskerville’s son, Peers, after a shepherd in the baronet’s clothes is found dead at the foot of a cliff and rumours fly that the hound is back.

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London businessman, Orlando Pearson is the creator of The Redacted Sherlock Holmes series, which buries forever the idea that Sherlock Holmes might not have been a historical person.

Do you want to see Sherlock Holmes come to the rescue of Queen Victoria, arrange the borders of post-war Europe, clear Macbeth of murder, unravel King Oedipus’s complexities, or provide advice to the Almighty? Then you will find all this and more in the seven collections of short stories, two novels, and the six plays in the series.

When not communing with the spirits of 221b, Orlando enjoys sport, music, and browsing price comparison websites.

He has written Sherlock Holmes stories on all these topics.

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