Lady Sarara

di Claudio Cordella

In Ludosphere, Cephea meets a “Stone Angel”. Her fate has come to a turning point.

Titolo originale: Sarara

Traduzione di Aurora Torchia

Traduzione di Aurora Torchia

Novelette | pagg. 36 | 03/10/2017 | Fantascienza

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Lady Sarara (copertina)

Il libro

In Ludosphere, Cephea meets a “Stone Angel”. Her fate has come to a turning point. The warrior must protect Sarara and the life she is carrying from ruthless, crazy, cunning creatures. The story runs along the border between sci-fi and fantasy, mixing together weird and space-opera, telling us our future as it was a legend belonging to our past.

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Claudio Cordella was born in Milan on 13 July 1974. He moved to Padua, where he graduated first in Philosophy and then in History in 2009, then graduated from the Master in Conservation, Management and Valorization of the Industrial Assets. He worked for several years with the free-press newspaper la Piazza and still holds a regular column, Oriente Vs Occidente, for Living Force Magazine, Yavin 4 club mail magazine. Author of several science fiction novels, he was co-editor with Alexia Bianchini of the anthology D-Doomsday (CIESSE Edizioni), focused on apocalyptic themes. His short novels Ludosfera, Sarara and Inanna were published as ebook by Delos Digital. He was for some time the deputy director of the web magazine Fantasy Planet (La Corte Editore) and currently he works with the online magazine Speechless.

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